About Me

“The joy of converting light and moment into a hard copy.”

As a fifteen year old boy I was developing my own black and white films in improvised dark chamber and blew up photographies on the enlargement machine that was made of an old camera, condenser from an army waste, using the light in an Valvolin oil can ... ... 
Today I use "telephone" to take pictures .... ...  tomorrow I will blink with my eye and that will be enough for taking photography's.
But this days more than ever, I adore a classic photo techniques - glass-emulsion-developer-negative-paper - ... - ... - ...

*    *    *


Damir Pildek is an editorial and commercial photographer, based in Zagreb, Croatia — but I'll take any opportunity to travel!

When I'm not taking photos, I am in lab, exploring "new"-old photo tehniques, or just spend time with my thoughts..


My work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the perfect light.

Always experimenting with new and old techniques, I'm equally comfortable with analog and digital technologies, and use both according to the needs of the project.

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